Saturday, July 21, 2012

Before there was the blogosphere

Way back in 2001, the summer between my eighth and ninth grade years, I wrote this.  I just found it among some memory items and photos.  I have pretty much lost all of the journals prior to 2003, but I remember them being filled with lists of how I can be a better child.  I remember constantly asking myself why couldn't I just behave?  Why couldn't I complete my chores?  I so badly wanted to be wanted, and there was a dream that somehow I was good enough just the way that I am.  

Since I wrote this Journal entry:
  • I stretched myself artistically
  • I played sports
  • I graduated from high school
  • I spent my first semester of college in Scotland, UK
  • I became a Callie Award Winner
  • I found a permanent loving family which includes both birth members and my foster mom. 
  • I was an outstanding young leader for Fosterclub.
  • I became a champion for many things, mostly child welfare system reform
  • I graduated from a four year college
  • I have international connections 
Now, I am still working on that book idea, and while I haven't invented anything... I am a visionary and have created change.  I can look at something and imagine what it could be.  At this point, I'm not sure what I would tell the little girl who wrote this entry, because apparently she had it in her all along.  A survivor, a strong person, assertive, and brilliant.  

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