Thursday, June 28, 2012

International Summit day 3

In my dedication to giving you a debrief of all things International Summit (#ISYIC), I am dutifully writing this post at midnight!  haha.

Since 7:30am this morning, I've been spending all of my time with my work group which is focused on Youth and Alumni Engagement.  We are a well organized group, and we learned about each other's roles right off the bat.  I really love each of them dearly, and do not be surprised if I am in a state of sadness next week as I head off into the unknown, physically away from these amazing individuals.  (of course my friends and family are all amazing).

We are unveiling an idea that presented itself today on our way home from a state dinner where we met Secretary Dallas and Secretary O'Malley.  When Teona shared with me her vision, my face just lit up!  (Her Georgian Advocacy group has a site here).  Then we shared it to another member of our work group and so forth.  Every face lit up!  We hit a zinger!  I can't wait to unveil it in due time, and you can keep harping on me on what it is!  You'll keep me accountable.

Day 3 and we love each other.  We are brothers and sisters of care.  We respect each as individuals.  We are leaders and we are professional, but just now we ran through the sprinklers on campus!

We are ready to set the world on fire, and after we are finished giggling we plan on working through the night to come up with concrete action steps to keep the momentum going.  

I will admit, that follow through and goal completion are weaknesses for me, so if you could keep me on track that would be awesome!  

As usual,

Love you guys!


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