Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week three of self-discipline has come and gone... and well I'm back to square one!!!  Its hard to maintain the momentum.  I just know that I have to keep treading water though.  The fall colors have really re-energized me, and I'm ready to go head-on into week 4.  My goal is that in a year from now, I'm confident enough to either tackle grad school or to apply for another job successfully and with ability. 

So bring on week 4!  Its exciting!  I feel ready to tackle this busy busy week.  I'm behind on some important paperwork :-(  But I'm not going to stay behind for much longer.  I will get back on track and stay on track this week.  

I will memorize Hebrews 12: 7-9 for House church.

I'm going to bring my sneakers and be one of those people who wear their work clothes and sneakers to walk in!  haha.  I'll just walk and walk and walk and walk.

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