Thursday, October 20, 2011


Its my birthday!!!  I'm pretty excited, and I hope that in a not so selfish or ego-centric way, I've developed a love of celebrating it.

I'm so blessed!  I hesitate to say that life is so good, because there are many many levels that belong to saying something like that.  Which I could go into at another time.  I had a really good Youth Advisory Board meeting today.  I had a friend of mine come in and help us plan a community service project, and she did it in such an efficient way, that we had time left over to plan some other projects!

Its my birthday, and I'm sure there is a law that says I'm not allowed to say this today, but my fear is, am I capable of helping this group of youth follow through, when in life I struggle very very much with this.

We'll see, one project has a really quick turnaround, so we'll have to work on it quickly and efficiently.  I think I'll utilize one of the local boards who are meeting frequently inbetween.  Well prayer requests would have to include this.

Love life, and love God!


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