Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Renewed Interest in my Files

I read "Three Little Words," by Ashley Rhodes in one evening.  I could not put it down!  There were hard parts, or parts that I could too easily relate to, when I wanted to put it down, but could not!

It gave me a renewed interest in my files.  Although, I have never heard a succinct description of A) do I even have a right to them, and B) how do I get access to them without all of the red tape?!  I find that this is a concern and struggle for many youth who have been in care.  They want to see their files.  There are a lot of keys in them.

So in my own journey, I'd like to create a resource for other youth/adults who also want to see their files.  A resource that supports them through the journey, but also helps them cope with information that may come out as a result of having access to those files.  This information can be helpful but it can be detrimental too.  That information needs to have respect, because it is powerful.

Even now I hesitate to write about wanting to see my files, because of the power and potential is may have in my life and relationships around me.

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