Monday, August 29, 2011


My blogs are forgotten until I sit down, and am supposed to be doing something else.  I'd love to be able to get to a place where I have a post every day.  I just am not, and I'm working on being fine with that, along with being fine with where I am in other areas of my life.

I often look back at the mountains, hurdles and crevasses God has gotten me over in the past.  I rarely, stop and reflect on them.  I never really praise and thank him for that.  This was pressed into my heart just now at 4:19pm as I am writing this by a Facebook status from a friend, and it reads,

Thank you Jesus for every mountain, you brought me over, for every trial you seen me through, for every blessing hallelujah for this I give you praise!!!"

I struck me, and I felt compelled to write this on my blog.  Every tear and broken heart I have felt in the past, has been another milestone in my life.  I'm a survivor and I cope.  I'm at a point now where it is time for me to take down all of those intriguing mechanisms that have helped me survive, and reprogram that so that I can be a more open, and efficient adult.  I'm at a place where I am ready to leave all of that behind in a way that I can continue to honor it, but not carry it.  I'm tired of carrying it.  The next few months will be hard work, and I have very special people with me along for the ride.



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