Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Twice A Month Is NOT Enough!!!

That is my rally cry for keeping sibling connections as a priority when children are placed into care.  I was at the Youth Advisory Board Leadership Event this past week.  Youth after youth, shared their stories about how one of the biggest obstacles was losing their siblings to the system.  Some of them have no idea who they are because they were placed into care at very young ages, and then adopted out.  When youth are not able to be placed with their siblings, EVERY effort should be made to maintain those relationships.  Twice a month visits in an agency is simply not enough for the well-being of our children in care. 

Stay tuned for videos, poems and guest blogs by youth in care who want to stay connected, connected to their families and siblings of origin.  Next Blog: One Home, Not Alone!

*If you are a foster alum who wishes to add to Babs' Brew's campaign to maintain sibling connections, please hit me up via email or comment section!

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