Saturday, March 5, 2011


No longer do I know where life is taking me.  I only have immediate steps that lead to a means to an end.  Its what I've wanted, but I have no direction.  Quite honestly, there isn't any passion either.  I do not want to do the things I used to want so badly.  

I'm bored.

I'm not bored because I've accomplished anything, I haven't.  Child welfare has been quite literally: my. whole. life.

I think there are other things out there that I would like to try, but what? What would I like to do, other than working with the monstrosity that is the child welfare system?  What population or job force could use my talents?  

To that, I have no answer.  No answers for me.  I am sure they will come, but its a weird place for me to be. 

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