Sunday, November 21, 2010

Focus and Just Do It!

I understand that Nike might have had that slogan before I, and I hope that this isn't the post that makes me famous.  I might have to change the verb in it. 

I need focus, and I need it now.  I need an iron-clad mind, that doesn't turn from its job at hand.  I'd like to sit for three hours and do nothing but whats on my task list.  I can only block so many things from my internet browser, before it becomes more pertinent to do my work on a printing press.

Above all else, instead of complaining of what I would like to have accomplished in my life, I need to just do it!  I need to just sit down and do the work.  This is where I am at the moment in my life.  My old life of being half-addicted to Hulu needs to end, and my life of fulfillment should start.

Yes I am only 24 (what a weird age), but I'm miserable the way I am.  So two forks in the road collide:  I need to learn how to be happy with who I am, and what I have accomplished in my life.  I also need to be willing to do the work, to get the change, to move in the direction I would like to be moving in.

I'm tired of moping around and sulking!  Am I a thankful person?  Not of late! 

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