Sunday, August 8, 2010

What social workers don't like: File Inspections

I often thought about making a website that is a kin to the websites: Stuff White People Like and Stuff Christians Like.

It however would be Stuff Social Workers Like.

Some of the topics would be:
File Inspections
Air Conditioning
Strengths-Based Speaking
To-do Lists

However, as you can see my list is not very long and I'm not sure something like that would carry.  We'll see.

Anyway, my first post on Stuff Social Workers like will be on the horridness of file inspections.  Yep, its that time of year for my agency, and I've been burning the midnight oil.  In fact, I was at the office last SUNDAY until 11pm!  Luckily my buddy Joseph stayed there with me so that I could get it done.

Its hard work maintaining my files, and when I complain about it some of my best supporters suggest that for some people it never gets better.  Well I'd like to challenge them and say that I'd like to get to a point where its not something I have to worry about.  There are plenty of other things that I can worry about like, "Whoa, I need gas," or "Oh no, I forgot my GPS at home."  See less chronic worrying in those words.

I'm not sure if its something that I will struggle with my entire life.  I certainly hope not.  Today I used the word Devastatingly to describe how far before I am.  No really, check my files and you'll be astonished!!!

After a rousing day of work on Wednesday I was able to complete the reports for August and July!!!!  11 in all!  I'm very excited.  I have much more to do, and I'm anticipating the same mood for this following week.

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