Friday, May 21, 2010

You Soar

For Barbara Love (a coworker) (aka a good friend)

You reach, you reach, you reach, you soar!
You care, you think, you search for more.
You can't always know
Just what is right,
So relax my friend, tomorrow will be alright.

You strive, you strive, you touch the sky!
You plan, you reconsider, you open your eyes.
Even with this
Plans fall apart,
So breathe my friend, its only the start.

You try, you try, you try, success!
You smile, you celebrate, you take a rest.
Alls well this time,
For now that is
Things change so quick in this buisness.

You reach, you strive, you try, whats more
You care, you connect, you don't ignore.
Continue my friend
To do your best,
But remember always, the worlds a mess!

My good friend coworker and I have found solace in each other.  Its been such a blessing to have a friend and coworker that you can be completely honest with.  Its important for us (social workers) to have people where we can not only celebrate our successes, but where we can discuss our mistakes and failures as well.  We made a promise to each other, that we would share whatever is going on in our work lives, and the other would listen and not judge.  I think that we understand that we both try our best, and are willing to boost the other person's morale.  It means a great deal to me to have someone understand my daily struggle with all of this.  Its hard work, and its very complicated.  Its easy to get lost in it all.  To have a face means the world. 

I am going to encourage the rest of my unit to find that someone to share with.  Sort of accountability partners.  This practice kind of extends to everyone.  If you are a social worker, find someone and make a pact to share whatever it is thats on your heart.  They are not allowed to judge you, for this is the first step to your healing.



  1. Thank you for your post and the link to your blog. What a life you lead! My husband and I are fairly new foster parents and it is a roller coaster ride. Reading your experiences are amazing. So, you grew-up in foster homes and are now a case worker? wow! I'm really proud of you! I would love to stay contacted with you maybe we can help eachother out? It's funny that you hit the next button and found us.

  2. @the herd,

    Thank you! I hope that we really do stay connected. It'll be great to hear everyone's experiences. Its tough being a foster parent for sure!