Saturday, April 10, 2010

A close...

Alex had made up her mind for now.  I believe it to be a good solid decision, and my sister sure knows what she wants in life :-)

As the conversation closed, and we both sighed our conversation was back to the way it used to be, nothing that could ever fit into a box.  We were free to talk about boys and relationships, we talked about advocacy, we talked about school.  She talked strongly about loyalty.  She was with me when I got the call. 

Its nice to be just sisters again.  She's certain that she would be happier with her current foster parent.  I trust her instinct and her likes and dislikes.  Her foster parent is also willing to wait until Alex is graduated from high school in order to move to Florida with her daughter, if that is what happens in their future.  I know deep down that I will always be there for Alex, either as an ear or by allowing her to live on my couch. 

Thats a close to this chapter for now, there are a few blank pages for addendums and footnotes and sequals.  I hope that everything bodes well for Alex and I.  If anything I hope that we remain good sisters and friends.  Where-ever life may lead. 

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