Saturday, April 10, 2010


I've lost my mojo.  Yes, I said mojo.  My brand new case manager mojo, and its gone.  I don't sparkle, I slump.  I'm not Confident, I'm worried and feel guilty all of the time.  I'm stripped bare, and have been spanked by this job.  (I hate that I just wrote that)

But really, I'm starting off like a new case manager... like the last few months haven't taught me a thing!

It would be easy for me to go into a tirade about how I lost it, but there have been a succession of events that have lead to me losing my mojo.  mojo mojo mojo.

This job will take and take and take every ounce of pride and hard work from you.  Sometimes it matters, and other times its used against you! 

As I was driving back to the home town, I was thinking about it... since I'm stripped bare, I can start building myself up again.  Stronger and better and wiser this time.  Everything I've learned and have dropped needs to be picked up and realigned.  If I believe in stars alligning than it would certainly be a good technique.

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