Monday, March 8, 2010

Whoa... just whoa

My most prepared for court hearing... and it was a flunk!  I'd rather not know anything, and not have an opinion in there, than to stand up for what I believed in again. 


Scary talk, scary temporary talk.

I love how the soliciter felt that it was time to question my credentials when he felt it was the best for him.  He would not have done it before.  There were a lot of holes and I'm sorry that this family just ran out of time.

I can't show my face again, now I look dumb.  Now I look like I don't know what I'm doing.  I feel like I don't know what I'm doing.  Yeah so I'm still new... what misfortune has fallen on this family: A terrible DHS worker and a new/naive private provider agency case manager.

"What is your background?"-- Sociology
"Are you a social worker?"-- No
"are you a certified social worker?"-- No
"Do you have training in drug and alcohol treatment?"-- yeah sort of.
"Do you have training in Sexual Abuse?"-- yeah sort of.

Condescending questions to be sure.

Well I walked in with the best I had, and you know what?  I'm going to get better.  I'm no longer going to allow my credentials to be questioned.  If I don't have credentials, then I'll bring someone who does.  I'll make sure I have contact with that treatment facility before hand.  I will make certain that the legal parent is in the green before I feel so self-certain again.

I'm surprisingly calm about this, maybe because with last week's record, this is just par for the course.  I'm going to pick up and move on.  I'm going to get stronger in and out of the courtroom.

Also, once the "verdict" was announced...  The legal mother started spouting off!  Yelling at the solicitor and dhs worker!  The daughter who was in the sidebar room at the time, heard her mother and then she ran out and started yelling at the party!  That was intense... They were both crying, there were security guards all over the place now.  I ushered the daughter into another room.  The mother was ushered out and away from the dhs worker. 

I don't know about anything else, but I'm certainly glad I was not that dhs worker, and I'm going to send her an email suggesting she transfer from the case.  Its the least I can do after she snidely said "I told you so," when I went to get my things.

All in a days work, All in a days work :-)

Over and Out


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