Friday, March 5, 2010

The week that ended well

This week was a toughie.  I made it though.  I survived it.  I'm alive and intact.  How did it end well?  For a number of reasons actually:

A) For the next couple of weeks I have to transport one of my clients to school and back to her foster home because she no longer lives in her school's area.  The foster parent goes in the way opposite direction to take another child to school.  NOT ONCE did I sleep in.  Yep, good stuff.  I did however put many many miles on my car this week.  Despite the obvious time crunch, I was highly productive.

B)  That visitation schedule I was ranting about earlier in the week, which was making me so angry I was ready to just ditch the job? Finished and figured out.  It will work.  Yeah I have some extra driving to do for the next couple of weeks... but guess what- It'll all be okay. 

C)  Friday (today) was an absolute beautiful day...  Poor client from A) had to deal with me being silly and singing in the  car.  She was trapped with no where to go.  Is it unprofessional to sing with a client in the car?

D)  The whipped cream to this week was that I was really stressed and nervous and almost scared to have to share this message to one of my Kinship parents.  They could no longer go to the supervised visitations because the interactions between them and the biological parents made both parties uncomfortable/angry.  I was expecting this person to get way out of hand (it wouldn't be the first time).  His reply was, "why?" and I said "well thats just a decision that we decided to make."  he was like "okay."  Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I even thanked him for his calm, cool reaction. 

E) The Cherry is yet to come... Alex is spending Saturday nigth with me.  I'm totally excited and nervous and the like. 

There you have it a rundown of why this week wasn't so bad afterall :-)

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