Thursday, April 18, 2013

If I were yours...

If I were yours,
You would fight for me
You would cherish me
You would treat me as fragile as Glass and as Rare as Gems
Only you could pick on me

If I were yours,
You’d stalk my teachers if there was wrongdoing
You’d go to the ends of the earth
Our Christmas would be special, and I’d be included
Our extended family would know who I am, that I belong to you, and with that strong connection, I belong to them.

If I were yours,
I would be your favorite
Nothing I could do would separate me from you
Your door would always be open, because you wouldn’t be able to see me suffer
You would pray for me
You would hope for my future

If I were yours,
Even my broken heart wouldn’t question it after awhile
I wouldn’t have to knock before I entered your home
You would miss me
You would bother me about homework
My unique qualities would always astound you

If I were yours,
I’d be your little star
I’d be your little princess
You’d make every effort to fulfill my hopes and dreams
You would cry when I do not fulfill yours

If I were yours,
The idea of me staying with strangers would frighten and outrage you
When I ask the question, “What if I were yours?” you would know exactly how I should be treated, it would be so natural, and so clear… 


I wrote this poem one day when I was lamenting the way some people treat the children in their foster homes.  It just crushes me sometimes.  

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