Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No pressure...

This was the post that started it all...

Alright no pressure... I'll just update when I can.  Usually I can hammer out a post within 10 minutes.  I miss xanga, because I love writing my thoughts down.  I don't do very much editing, and although it would be cool to have followers... I don't have the time or drive to write about a specialized topic.  One day.
I could write about my everyday wanderings as a first time case manager.  I'm still new... and I've got a looooonnng way to go!

I started being a case manager on June 18th, 2009.  There have been plenty of ups and downs.
I've been pretty proud of my clean desk these past few months.  Usually I'm such a messy marvin!  My room right now is in shambles and once I make the move to a smaller room, it will probably be even worse.  Anyway, my desk.  I know that I cannot work in a messy, cluttered, and unorganized space.  I like having the capacity to spread out, and cleaning my desk is kind of therapeutic, like putting my stress away for the next day.  I still worry about my work and I have melt downs (another post).

A clean desk is a breath of fresh air to me, even my desk in my room is pretty clean.  I'm constantly changing my organizational structure though.  I can never find the system that works for a long period of time.  I put in new folders or I take folders away.  Sometimes I'll use the file tier dealio with 5 shelves, and right now I'm using a wire frame that holds folders vertically.  Well to tell you the truth I'm using both.  I like it. and it makes those omnious piles of paper go away!  Those are a mess, usally once a month I have to sit down and go through a pile.

I just realized that, maybe in the grand scheme of things, writing about my desk composition isn't the most interesting material out there, but to get my job you gotta understand the way I think.

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