Friday, September 25, 2015

A Centering exploration

"They want to run.  They want to be in nature.  They want to dance and express themselves.  They want to be taken care of and they want to be used."

I’ve been looking down this week in order to see God.  What I mean is that I’ve been focusing on my feet.  I’ve been foot gazing.  It has been about being more mindful and present with each foot.  Are they comfortable?  Are they moisturized?  Where did they take me today?  Where have they been in the past?  How do I keep them healthy for the future?

In my journal I have a “My feet want to list…”  They want to run.  They want to be in nature.  They want to dance and express themselves.  They want to be taken care of and they want to be used.

Feet are really interesting and really powerful.  In fact take a moment and really appreciate your feet.  You can take your shoes off if you want to.  Wiggle your toes, bend your ankle, and look at the bottom of your feet.

God created your feet.  He built them to carry you and for movement.  They have strength, obedience and they typically last as long as we do. 

When’s the last time you really cared for your feet?  Do you massage your feet?  Do you exfoliate them? Do you honor the daily tasks they perform?  What’s your relationship with your feet?  How has God used your feet to show his grace?  Feet are pretty amazing and they reflect the love and care God put into making them.

God has been using my feet this week to think about how he has created me.  My feet have carried me through obstacles; have helped me love his creation.  They crave grace, adventure, expression, creativity, connection and community.  So use your feet to worship today and this week.

Dear God, you created people that honor you.  As we enter worship, teach all the parts of our bodies what it means to be redeemed and wiped clean by your holy spirit.  Our time is in your hands.  We worship you because you are great.  We worship you because you are the most high.  Help us leave our burdens at the door and into your hands.  Thank you for all the ways our feet are designed to bring us back to you.  Amen.

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