Tuesday, June 26, 2012

International Summit of Youth in Care - day 1

I'm very excited to give you a look at day 1 of the International Summit of Youth in Care.  All thirty delegates, allies and correspondents are already laughing, sharing and inspiring each other.   We have delegates from the following countries:  USA, Canada, Finland, South Africa, Estonia, The Czech Republic, Georgia, Ghana, Scotland, Ireland and Kenya.  This is an exciting opportunity!

We spent the morning in our work groups to make recommendations about five specific areas facing youth in care.  I am in the Youth and Alumni Engagement work group.  We all came here with work to do, and I tell you, no time will be wasted.  We reviewed recommendations that delegates had made prior to embarking on this journey, and will be working towards an action plan to present to the group on Friday.

I'm friending and liking as many people as I can on Facebook, simply because I do not want to lose touch with these stunning individuals.  In three more days as we go our separate ways, I hope that we do keep in touch, and that we do build on top of the foundation and framework we are starting here at University of Maryland, Baltimore.

I'm sorry that this post is so short, and there isn't much detail.  I will try and process out more later.

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