Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I know, I know

For someone who wants to be a world famous blogger, I don't blog very much do I?  I'm just being honest about my intentions.  I've been blogging since about 2005, and have been more consistent on other occasions.

I basically want this to be a resource, here I go reinventing myself again.  I also would like this to be about my story.  So here's an update on my life:

I have landed the dream job, the American dream!  No really, I smile every day I drive into my office's parking lot.  Its been a long haul.  At first I didn't feel worthy for this opportunity, because I struggle a lot with work and organizational abilities.  I now believe that despite my faults, I did work hard for this position. I want to continue working hard for this position, and have been taking it very seriously.  Its a deeper level of youth engagement, and requires much more preparation and coordination.  I'm actually writing this before an Assets for Independence presentation planning phone call --

So this is a HUGE thank you post.  I'm just thankful for everything right now.  I'm very very very thankful for the people in my life who spent time mentoring me (Todd, Justin and Cindy, that's you!).  I'm thankful for my mom's (Lisa and Mom!).  I'm thankful for the Child Welfare Resource Center and their continued loyalty to practicing what they preach with youth engagement.  I am thankful to the Pennsylvania Youth Advisory Board, who without this outlet, I would not be here today.  I am super thankful to my enduring cheerleader, Leasia, who got me introduced to this whole thing in the first place.  I know that she's got that unconditional love and pride thing down pact.

This is the type of love and gratitude I want all youth in care to have one day: a support network full of love and compassion.  That is me, and that is my reinvention of this blog.

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