Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the opposite of my post on working with people

ugh, so I wrote that this morning after some good quiet time with God. Now, I think that in being radical, I gotta be totally honest with you folks.

Today was one of my worst on record. I just could not re-cooperate once I started working on this one visitation plan for a family... which was a nightmare and I hate it.

I was angry all day, productive but angry.

I didn't want to work with people, I didn't want to love them, in fact I very innocently put-- hated them.

strong words, strong words I know! How is it that after asking for grace and love and patience... I totally lose my cool? Well God gave me opportunities to show grace and love and patience today, and i just couldn't handle it. I just couldn't keep it together.

Talking about it helps, instead of letting it bolster up inside of you. Praying really just got me angrier because I couldn't focus on it or even let the words feel sincere.

One of my coworkers suggested that I ask to be transferred. Yes, its very tempting, however I think that its my first tough case, and I need to work it out. I can at least say that with a straight mind. It can be done.

Anyway, just an update on my practise of radical love. Maybe I should try being a little less radical and a bit more practical? (nah)

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