Tuesday, September 23, 2008

first off, I'm not sure If I like blogger all that much

lately I've been feeling a bit down, I really just feel overwhelmed... I keep going to bed hoping that my life will get less hectic but it just does not seem to happen!

the evils of capitalism... I wonder if the bible speaks on that! ha!

I don't even know what I will use this blog for... its honestly a place I signed up for because it comes with the wonders of google.

Isn't google a wonderful thing? I believe so. It has a lot too it. I don't know how it continues to gross any money. Everything is for free! How does it do it? hmmmmm

The day I gotta pay for it, is the day I find something else. Oh well... Outlook can basically do everything google can... as long as they don't take away my reader.

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